Smile Transformations

Patient: Supanee K.

Procedure: Anterior Crowns 6-11.

Results: "I'm very happy with Dr. Burden who made me look and feel confident with my smile. Great job Dr.!! You made me want to come back! I will recommend you for everyone to come to see



Procedure: The patient had 14 months of traditional bracket Orthodontic care. In addition, she had Single Implants placed and an Implant Bridge placed from 12-14.



Procedure: This patient had traditional bracket Orthodontic treatment. She was in treatment for 13 and a half months.



Procedure: This patient had single crowns and had a bridge done too!



Procedure: This patient had 20 teeth removed and Interim upper and Interim lower dentures were done. He will be pursuing Implant-supported dentures once fully healed.



I can’t say enough about how wonderful Dr. Burden and his staff is. My implant was done painlessly and perfect.

I came to him a few months ago desperate for help. I saw three doctors before finding Dr. Burden. He was the only doctor who would take insurance for the procedure I needed done.

The other specialist I saw not only charged me $150 for the consultation but then came back with a quote of $20,000 out of pocket for what I needed done. Dr. Burden was half of that and took my insurance.

Dr. Burden, is extremely through preforms excellent work and is totally a state of the art doctor. He truly is wonderful!

As for his staff, they are always friendly, helpful and absolutely top notch. I love them and their wonderful sense of humor.

I’m so glad I found this practice.

Terry Day

I had to bring my overtired and very fussy 8 month old to my appointment. The entire staff was incredibly gracious to us, holding my baby, allowing her to sit in my lap during the exam, and reassuring me that we were not a burden. As a new mom, it gave me so much comfort! Thank you for all of the kindness and love!!

Audrey Sigmon

Everyone here during my visit was amazing. They went above and beyond for me. My appt was at the end of the day, on a Monday no less, when everyone is just ready to leave for the day. Not this staff, they didn’t rush me, they stayed later than they normally would have and took care of dental problem. I felt hopeful and excited when I left to being on a path to fix my tooth (or lack there of).

I’ve had some pretty awful experiences at other dentist offices that have made me avoid going back or getting the help I needed because they made me feel ashamed and hopeless about options. I’m so happy to find Dr. Burden and Associates. They are a great team!!

Angela Isaksen

So unbelievably happy with the service received here. My boyfriend had thee worst tooth pain from a wisdom tooth that needed to be removed as well as one other tooth. We were on vacay, and had called around to approximately 20 different dental offices just trying to receive services before finally stumbling upon this place on Google. We called, and they immediately allowed us to schedule a same day visit that was only 2 hours out from the time we called. We were running a little behind due to the heavy traffic, and they still waited for us kindly. They took their time to explain the process and cost in detail prior to the procedure. They took care of the issue promptly, thoroughly, and it was extremely cost effective. So thankful that we found this dental care office. 100% recommend!

Sarah Sustad

I never write a review but felt the need to. Out of town on a family vacation and needed an emergency root canal. I usually hate dentist appointments. But this dentist office was awesome. When I came in the front desk women was sooo welcoming. Got back to do the root canal they made me feel so comfortable explained everything they were going to do. I definitely recommend the dentist.

Katrina Lowery

I was a person that Had a traumatic experience as a young child at a dentist's office. So if I had to go I always had to take medicine just to get that Also ment that I didn't go Unless something really bad.

happened to my teeth Like an abscess or a broken tooth.. I made it clear how nervous And anxious I was to be in that Chair.. The dentist and the dental assistant made me feel very relaxed and was comfortable While they were doing the work that needed to be done. I want to say thank you to Dr.Burden for helping me To be able to eat

Certain foods again, and helping me Put a smile back on my face 😊

Rita Marie Pernell-Hollins

Hear what our clients have to say!

4.8 Stars on google reviews!

The office staff was so friendly from the moment I walked in the door.  They were constantly keeping me updated during my appointment on what specifically they were doing and what they were lookinBest Dentist ever! Very friendly, caring and understanding! I had not been to the dentist in 5 to 6 Years and found out about this dentist back in March of 2019 and I had found out I had 7 cavities so between April and Sept. I have been getting my fillings done and I am now cavity-free. I am so grateful God led me to a caring, patient dentist. I absolutely am so grateful for this dentist. I wouldn't want to go anywhere else. Also, they are willing to work with you if you don't have insurance which is even more of a blessing.g at.  They offered things that may help but didn't pressure me into doing them.  Overall, amazing office and wonderful staff!

Shaniece M.

I had intolerable pain in my tooth on a visit to Colonial Williamsburg from Chicago. They saw me straight away even though I was not a patient. Having a phobia of dentists from a young age they made my visit tolerable. Very friendly, calming and kind staff. From the receptionist, hygienist and the dentist. They gave me pain relief on the day I visited them and on the morning my wife were due to travel back to Chicago. Highly recommended this dentist. Thank you.

Adam c.

Hands down. They are the best. Excellent customer service, great doctors, always updating to the newest equip/technology & extremely well organized! I have always dreaded going to the dentist until I found Dr. Burden & Associates. I am so grateful for you all, especially Amy Maysonet! Thank you all!

Kristen P.

Such a great office! Everyone does their best to make you feel welcome and ensure you have a great experience. I am new to the area and am so glad I found this place.

Monica I.

My family's experiences with Burden and Associates' office in Williamsburg and with their companion office in West Point has always been great. They are attentive, friendly, and professional. With all the latest technology you know you are getting the best care using the most up-to-date, advanced knowledge. Highly recommend.

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