5 Ways To Celebrate Children’s Dental Health Month With Your Kids

February has been established as Children’s Dental Health Month by the ADA, and the team at the office of James A. Burden, DDS and Associates is celebrating all-month-long. Wondering how you can celebrate Children’s Dental Health Month with your kids? Here are a few unique ideas that will get kids excited about oral health and hygiene:

1. Let Them Pick Out Their Own Toothbrush & Toothpaste

Kids love the ability to choose their own items at the store, and toothbrushes and toothpaste are no different. There are plenty of fun, themed toothbrushes available for kids that feature Marvel superheroes and Disney princesses. There are even some fun electric toothbrushes for kids that light up and play music, which makes brushing more fun for little ones!

There are a lot of varieties of kid’s toothpaste available, too. While adults may prefer to stick to mint, kids enjoy flavors like cinnamon, bubblegum, and berry. Letting them experiment with a new toothpaste will encourage them to brush their teeth and keep their smile healthy. 

2. Watch Some Fun YouTube Videos About Oral Health

What kid doesn’t love YouTube? There are tons of great videos out there about dentistry and oral health, so you can spend some time with your kids and educate them about dentistry in a fun, kid-friendly way. Not sure where to start? Here are some video suggestions! 

Do a little bit of browsing until you find great videos that your child will enjoy.

3. Go Over The Basics Of Proper Brushing Technique  

Brush your child’s teeth for them until they’re about 6, or until they are coordinated enough to tie their own shoes. Once they start brushing on their own, make sure your children know how to brush properly. Here are some quick tips for proper brushing technique:

  • Brush for at least 2 minutes twice per day
  • Clean the outside, top, and rear of each tooth surface
  • Use small, circular brush strokes
  • Hold the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle

Brushing your teeth with your kids is a great way to demonstrate proper technique and lead by example! 

4. Take Steps Toward A Healthy, “Tooth-Friendly” Diet 

There are a few steps you can take to keep your child’s mouth healthy and prevent cavities, such as:

  • Minimizing snacking, particularly on hard and gummy candy or starchy foods like chips
  • Eliminating or reducing sugary drinks like juice in favor of water and milk
  • Eating a diet high in fruit, vegetables, whole grains and fiber, instead of sugar and simple carbohydrates/starches
  • Drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated and wash bacteria out of the mouth

For more tips, just talk to Dr. Burden after your next appointment! 

5. Schedule A Cleaning At Our Office  

What better way is there to celebrate Children’s Dental Health Month than a pediatric dental appointment? If you need a family dentist in Williamsburg, Dr. Burden offers kid-friendly care and an upbeat approach to get your little one excited about dental health. Contact us now to make your appointment!

Celebrate Children’s Dental Health Month And Keep Your Child’s Smile Healthy!

With these 5 ways to celebrate, you can make sure your child’s smile is healthy and cavity-free. Want more ideas, or need to get a six-month checkup for your child? Don't wait. Call the office of James A. Burden DDS and Associates now at (757) 229-1224, or feel free to stop by our office at 277 McLaws Circle, Williamsburg, VA 23185. We hope to see you and your little ones soon!