Comprehensive Dental Implant Timeline

Wondering what to expect if you get dental implants from Dr. James Burden in Williamsburg? In this blog post, we’ll provide you with a step-by-step overview of what you can expect from the process. Let’s get started now.

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A Comparison Of Invisalign vs Braces: Cost, Results & Treatment Time

If you’re interested in orthodontics in Williamsburg and you’re trying to decide between Invisalign and traditional metal braces, you may be wondering which option is a better choice. Does Invisalign cost more than braces? Do both treatments offer similar results? Which option offers a faster treatment time?

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Got A Toothache On An Airplane? Here’s What It Might Mean!

It may seem strange, but it’s entirely possible for you to get a toothache on an airplane, even if your tooth feels completely normal on the ground! Why does this happen, and what does it mean?

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SmileDirectClub vs. Invisalign

Despite the fact that they are both clear aligners, these two systems are very different products. James A. Burden D.D.S & Associates takes a look at the pros, cons and differences between Invisalign and one of it’s newest and most popular competitors, SmileDirectClub.

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Dental Implants & MRIs

When seeking implant dentistry from James A. Burden, D.D.S., many patients ask if dental implants will interfere with other medical treatment that requires MRIs. Fortunately, MRIs are completely safe to perform on patients with dental implants.

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An Exploration of Dental Tourism

You may have heard of the growing, world-wide phenomenon, and the team at James A. Burden, D.D.S. is here to explore the topic.

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Shelly G.


“Have been going to Dr Naik for over 5 years and couldn’t be happier with my experiences. I’ve had several cavities filled, and a root canal. The staff is incredibly nice, and gentle. Dr Naik is very knowledgeable and is patient about explaining any complicated procedures to help you feel more comfortable.”

Andrew P.


“Best dentist in the world! Hardly any wait, nice new equipment and TVs while you’re in the chair, friendly knowledgeable staff, and flexible times for appointments. She’s not the first dentists I’ve visited in the Northern Virginia area, but she’s definitely the last one I’ll ever have to look for – I’m sticking with Dr. Naik for good.”

Amy M.


“Dr. Naik is always great at comforting me and being as gentle as possible; that's why I've been coming back for at least 6 years!”

Christine D.


Always a pleasure! Everyone is always so nice and on top of it; I've been going here for a few years and I've never had a bad experience.

Rebecca G.


“As comfortable a dental experience as you could hope for. It is easy to get an appointment, and there is a clean and modern waiting room and office. You can watch TV while you get your teeth cleaned to help distract. Everyone is very friendly and Dr. Naik is too, also she is knowledgeable and gentle. Highly recommend this dentist.”

Parisa A.


“I had my first checkup and cleaning at Dr Naik’s office and I am very pleased by her team and office environment. It is a very convenient location in Tyson’s Corner/ Vienna area. Their fees are very reasonable. If you are looking for a great dentist, I am very much recommending Dr Naik’s office.”

Bella N.


“Hands down, best dentist in the area! Most recently I had the misfortune of having to get two root canals…totally my fault since I had procrastinated on getting cavities filled. All in all, great office. Well run, easy to make an appointment, and all the doctors and staff will ensure you leave a happy patient.”

Sarah A.


Thank you!!! I just moved across the country and needed to find a new dentist right way, which was difficult with my insurance plan. After dozens of phone calls and several days of an increasingly severe toothache, I discovered Dr. Naik's team, and they told me to come into their office right way. Less than an hour later, they had handled talking to my insurance, and were providing a free consultation to pinpoint the root of my pain.

Lauren J.


“I've had bad experiences with dentists & the people that work for them. This place is wonderful! The staff is very professional and helpful, Dr. Naik is great at what she does, and no one is judgmental. I've recommended a few people to them over the past couple years and they say the same thing. I'd definitely recommend them any day.”

Michael R.


“My family have been going to Dr Naik for about 3 years.  We always have positive experiences with her and all of the dental hygienists at her office.  She is very good at explaining everything you need to know to make a decision, and we've never felt she was trying to get us to take a course of action that was not in our best interests.  If there is a way to go that will save you money, she will tell you about  it.  She is always willing to talk with clients at length.  We wouldn't think of going anywhere else.”

Viry O.


“Dr. Naik, is very nice, I really like how she isn’t pushy and tries to sell you everything under the sun. She gave me her diagnosis, and the pros and cons of each treatment. I really liked her down to earth attitude. I love how she showed me the x-rays so that I could see what she was talking about. I have never had anyone ever do that before.”

Ravi K.


“Just had another dental cleaning. I spent 2 minutes in the waiting room. I found the office to be extremely clean, bright, pleasant, and it looks like a well run ship. Everyone there seemed to be in a good mood and I can tell that the staff enjoys their work and they take pride in the practice.”

Sivakumar R.


I had a wonderful visit today. Everybody from receptionist, Ana and Priti were Awesome. The facility is great. I loved the TV and Cooling glasses. The cooling glasses impressed me because it shows the care to patients and eliminating every small inconvenience. Looking forward to the next visit.

Howard F.


“Dr. Naik is smart, swift and professional. Her office is sharp and responsive and everything you might need is taken care of. She took me on as a patient after I hadn't seen a dentist in years. Instead of judging and lecturing, she evaluated my teeth, diagnosed some problems, and proceeded to fix those problems and help me figure out how to avoid any more. Can't recommend her highly enough.”

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