Is It Safe To See The Dentist During COVID-19? How We’re Protecting Our Patients

In Virginia, dental practices began accepting patients for routine appointments starting on May 1st. But you may be wondering if it’s really safe to see the dentist during COVID-19. How can you be sure that your health is being protected?

In this blog from the office of James A. Burden, DDS & Associates, we’ll discuss just a few of the ways we’re protecting our patients and staff, and ensuring that you can get the dental care you need in Williamsburg, without risking your health.

Patient Screenings & Pre-Appointment Questionnaires 

First, we’re doing our best to ensure that we only treat healthy patients who do not have COVID-19 or any other infectious virus. Before your appointment, you will need to answer a few questions related to your travel within the last 14 days, contact with people who may have had COVID-19, and about symptoms that could indicate COVID-19 infection, such as a dry cough or shortness of breath.

These screenings help ensure that we keep our staff and patients safe. If we believe that a patient may have been exposed or is at high risk of exposure, we may ask that they reschedule their appointment for a date that’s at least 14 days in the future. 

Curbside Service To Maintain Social Distancing

At our office, we are providing curbside service to ensure that our patients can maintain proper social distancing, and minimize the time spent in our lobby and other common areas. When you arrive at our office for your appointment, you will simply call (757) 229-1224 to check in with our staff.

Then, one of our staff members will meet you at your vehicle when it’s time to come into our office for your appointment, and you’ll be taken directly to the operatory, ensuring you do not spend time around others and that your exposure is minimized. 

Enhanced Cleaning & Sanitization Protocols For Safety

We have always followed CDC, OSHA, and ADA guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting our tools, operatories, lobby, and common areas of our office. However, we have implemented even more strict regulations and infection control protocols to ensure that we eliminate the risk of COVID-19 spread. 

Personal Protective Equipment For All Staff

All of our staff members are fully equipped with PPE, which ensures they will not be infected by airborne viruses and other microorganisms. We’re also incorporating other best practices to reduce the risk of virus spread, such as wearing full-body cover-ups and changing uniforms between patients when possible.

Get The Dental Care You Need In Williamsburg From Dr. James A. Burden 

We have been open throughout the entire pandemic for emergency dental care, and we now are accepting patients for routine procedures like teeth cleanings. With our extensive virus control protocols, you can trust us to maintain a clean, safe, and healthy environment for you and your family. So don’t wait. Contact us online or call (757) 229-1224 to get the treatment you need in Williamsburg right away.