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Cosmetic Dentistry in Williamsburg

You Deserve a Beautiful Smile 

At James A. Burden DDS and Associates, our dentists use their advanced training and decades of combined experience to provide the optimal results while being as gentle, conservative and minimally-invasive as possible. No matter what issues are keeping you from a confident smile, we offer complimentary consultations and honest advice to help you start your journey and give you the smile of your dreams.


Sometimes all it takes to boost your confidence and enhance your smile is a professional whitening. We offer take-home that can brighten your smile up to 10 shades. For our take-home whitening, we will create custom trays that fit perfectly in your mouth to brighten your smile evenly. You’ll apply a professional--grade whitening gel to the trays and wear them according to the instructions you receive from our team. Gradually, your teeth will become brighter and whiter, and at the end of your treatment you’ll have a rejuvenated smile.

bonding, shaping, contouring

If you’re unhappy with the shape or color of your smile, dental bonding is a non-invasive cosmetic option that offers beautiful results. You can think of dental bonding the same way you think of a sculptor shaping clay. During the procedure, a special dental resin is applied to your teeth and one of our dentists will mold the resin to enhance their shape and color. Bonding, shaping, and contouring can improve small chips and gaps, severe discoloration, and misshapen teeth.


Porcelain veneers are thin dental prosthesis that are custom-made to fit perfectly over your teeth. They are designed to cover gaps, stains, and misshapen teeth, and at James A. Burden DDS and Associates, we can complete your veneer treatment in just two appointments! This is a non-invasive, efficient way to enhance your smile.

cosmetic makeovers

If you’re not sure which cosmetic treatment is right for you, or you think you may need multiple treatments to get achieve dream smile, we offer free consultations and comprehensive smile makeovers. During your consultation, one of our dentists will examine your mouth, have a conversation with you about your smile goals, and discuss your budget to help you choose the procedures that are right for you. Have a question? Call our friendly, knowledgeable team to learn more about cosmetic makeovers.

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