How Are Temporary Crowns Removed? Answering Common FAQs

How Are Temporary Crowns Removed? Answering Common FAQs

A temporary crown is an important dental prosthetic used to protect your tooth while your permanent crown is built. It covers up your tooth after it’s been trimmed, and protects it until your next appointment at James A. Burden DDS and Associates.

Got questions about temporaries? In this blog, we’ll discuss how they’re removed, why they’re necessary, and more! Read on, and get answers to the top FAQs about temporary crowns.

Why Are Temporary Crowns Used?

Temporary crowns are used because your natural tooth must be trimmed down significantly to prepare for a dental crown. In some cases, up to 80% of the natural tooth material is removed. This is done to make sure the permanent crown fits perfectly, and protects your tooth properly. 

However, the trimmed tooth will not look aesthetically-pleasing, and is more vulnerable to damage from tooth decay and chewing/biting. So to protect the tooth until your permanent crown is placed, you’ll get a pre-fitted tooth-shaped crown made of dental resin.

How Are Temporary Crowns Removed?

Your temporary crown will be removed at your final crown placement appointment at James A. Burden DDS and Associates. These resin crowns are built to be flexible and to be removed easily, so the process only takes a few minutes at most.

Dr. Burden will use a specially-designed dental tool to break the seal of the crown around your tooth. Then, he’ll gently wiggle the crown to loosen it, and pull it off of your tooth. 

Once that’s done, he’ll clean away any dental adhesive that’s still on your tooth. After that, your permanent crown will be placed, and you’ll be sent home to enjoy your brand-new tooth.

Do I Need To Watch What I Eat With A Temporary Crown?

Yes. As a rule, you should avoid sticky foods as much as possible. Caramel, taffy, gummy candies, and other such foods could pull off your temporary crown, so avoid these foods. Sugar, in general, should be avoided, since it can find its way under the temporary crown and cause decay. 

It’s also best to avoid chewing very tough and hard foods on the side of your mouth that has your temporary crown. Biting almonds or chewing a very tough steak, for example, could weaken the crown or cause it to become dislodged.

What Should I Do If My Temporary Crown Falls Off?

If your crown feels very loose or falls off, you should first make sure that you remove it from your tooth to avoid biting, swallowing, or inhaling it accidentally. Then, contact James A. Burden DDS and Associates for an appointment to have your temporary crown replaced.

It is possible to reattach your crown on your own using temporary dental cement, which is widely available at the drugstore. However, you should only do this if you’re advised to do so by Dr. Burden. In most cases, it’s better to come to our office to have your crown reattached by Dr. Burden.

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