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Providing More Comfortable Dental Care with Sedation

Your comfort is our first priority

a dental hygienist places a blanket over a patient
Our gentle staff will put you at ease when getting your dental treatment.

When you come to our office you’ll find friendly staff and a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere. Our dentists and staff will listen to your concerns and answer all your questions.

At our office, your comfort is our first priority. That’s why we offer:

  • Blankets if you’re cold
  • Therapeutic chairs with special orthopedic head and back rests
  • Pillows for longer procedures
  • TVs with DVDs (or cable, if you prefer)
  • Headphones for music
  • Beverage bar, coffee, tea and juices
  • Lego® table for kids
  • Gentle IV and oral sedation dentistry
  • Lasers to make gum treatment gentle and efficient

Conscious Sedation

Conscious sedation can be used to help a patient who is very anxious relax during dental treatment. It is typically used for longer and more complex procedures. The patient is still given anesthesia and the sedation is administered hours before treatment, as in oral sedation, or just prior to treatment with IV sedation. The patient is conscious throughout treatment but in a light state of sleep, known often as “twilight sleep”. The patient can still respond to Dr. Burden or a member of his team.

Dr. Burden is certified by D.O.C.S., the “Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation.”

IV Sedation

IV sedation occurs when sedatives are administered by intravenous injection. With IV sedation, Dr. Burden has complete control on the amount of sedation that is given, ensuring that the patient neither gets too little or too much. The sedation is administered just prior to treatment and flushed out right after, so a patient is under sedation for the minimum amount of time.

Dr. Burden has completed extensive coursework in IV sedation through the American Society for the Advancement of Anesthesia and Sedation in Dentistry.

Oral Sedation

Prior to your appointment, you will take a small sedative pill that induces a highly relaxed state where you’ll remain aware of your person, surroundings and condition. You’ll need someone to drive you in and back again from your appointment.

To make an appointment, call (757) 229-1224 or click here to request an appointment online.

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There are amazing people in that office! My family has been going to this dental office for years and I can't think of a better place to go for dental care. Friendly, caring, and compassionate.

-Cheryl W.
Williamsburg, VA