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Gentle, Experienced Care for Your Entire Family

At James A. Burden DDS & Associates, we provide family dentistry for families in the Historic Triangle area, including Yorktown, Jamestown, and Williamsburg, VA. Created especially for our younger patients, our pediatric dentistry area has a room themed “Under the Water,” an activity station in our reception area, and a treasure chest at checkout to make their appointment fun. We have a DVD player and lots of DVDs to choose from.

$29 Kid’s Exam & X-Rays

Kids can receive the same New Patient Special Offer as adults which includes a thorough oral exam, X-rays and consultation for $29. Our doctors take the time to get to know each child. Their friendly, cheerful demeanor puts any child at ease. Your child’s exam will include:

  • Low-radiation digital X-rays
  • Complete oral examination
  • Bite evaluation
  • Complete periodontal (gum) examination and evaluation
  • Smile evaluation for older children
  • A discussion of what comes next
  • Answering any questions you (or your child) might have

Making Your Child Feel at EaseA girl in a striped shirt plays with a Lego® table

Our friendly team of professionals prides itself on making young patients feel comfortable within our office setting. We provide gentle dental care for children and make sure they are at ease at all times. If you have any special requests for your child, let us know and we will do our best to help him have a great experience.

Our Friendly Services for Kids

Our pediatric care room. We love kids and kids love us! Our doctors and staff are very reassuring and explain about the dental work at a level children can understand. Children of all ages are welcome, and you can bring your child in to be seen as early as age 2.

Services we offer for children include:

  • Sealants
  • Children’s crowns
  • Children’s space maintainers
  • Children’s root canals
  • Interceptive orthodontics
  • Gentle extractions
  • Moderate sedation if needed
  • Orthodontics
A young boy sits in the dentist's chair.

Child-Centered Care

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive dental services in an environment tailored to your child's comfort and needs. 


Preventive Care

A dental hygienist shows a young girl her smile in a mirror

Our gentle hygienists are trained to clean children’s teeth. They’ll educate your child on dental health and show them how to brush and floss their teeth properly.

Here's a list of questions frequently asked by parents:

When should I begin brushing my child’s teeth?

That answer depends on the child’s age.

  • At birth, clean your baby’s gums with a soft cloth and water
  • After the teeth erupt, brush them with a soft-bristled toothbrush
  • Under age 2, use ONLY a small smear of toothpaste
  • Ages 2-5, use an amount of toothpaste the size of a pea
  • Brush your children’s teeth until they can do a good job on their own
  • Supervise brushing and flossing through ages 5-8

When should I take my child to the dentist for the first check-up?

We recommend bringing children in around age 2 just to check on their bite and angle of their baby teeth. If teeth are coming in badly now, it could lead to problems later.

Research shows children who learn to take care of their teeth when young are more likely to have good dental habits as they grow older.

Are baby teeth really important to my child?

Primary or “baby” teeth are important for many reasons. Not only do they help children speak clearly and chew naturally, but also they are critical in forming a path permanent teeth can follow when they are ready to erupt.

Are thumb sucking and pacifiers bad for a child’s teeth?

Yes and no. Thumb sucking and pacifier habits will generally become a problem when they continue past age three. Ask Dr. Burden what he recommends to stop these habits before an appliance is needed.

Seal out Decay

Ask Dr. Burden about applying sealer to the chewing surfaces of your child’s back teeth (premolars and molars). That’s where 4 out of 5 cavities in children are found. Adding sealer acts as a barrier to plaque, food, and bacteria, protecting the most decay-prone areas of your child’s mouth. 

Emergency Services for Kids

Accidents happen. And in an emergency, kids sometimes need the kind of help that we can provide. As an added benefit to our patients: we’re here 24/7 for your kids.

Dental Care for the Entire Family

Parents and young daughter smile at the cameraAs a family dentistry practice, we do dental consultations for both kids and adults. We know how busy your schedule is, so why not bring your kids with you when you come in for your next checkup or cleaning?  It’s a great way for them to begin feeling comfortable around our doctors and staff.

Research shows children who learn to take care of their teeth when young are more likely to have good dental habits as they grow older. Our doctors truly love having young children as patients, and will make them feel welcome and at home.

So schedule your next visit soon and bring your kids so they can meet our doctors, Dr. Burden and Dr. Marc Barrett, and get their first checkup!

For more information about our family dental services or to make an appointment, call (757) 229-1224 or contact our office online today.

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There are amazing people in that office! My family has been going to this dental office for years and I can't think of a better place to go for dental care. Friendly, caring, and compassionate.

-Cheryl W.
Williamsburg, VA