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Advanced Extraction Techniques to Protect Your Oral Health

Illustration of impacted wisdom teethWhen you have wisdom teeth coming in the wrong way and impacting other teeth, or you a tooth that’s either badly damaged or infected to the point where it can’t be repaired or restored, Dr. Burden will likely recommend a tooth extraction.

Dr. Burden is experienced in extractions. After putting you at ease, he uses a gentle technique that protects and preserves the bone and tissue surrounding the tooth, making certain you’re comfortable during the entire procedure.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

At our offices, we see many patients whose wisdom teeth are impacted and need to be extracted. When that happens, a tooth erupts through the gum at an irregular angle rather than come in straight. Because it is coming in unevenly, an impacted wisdom tooth can be both painful and damage other teeth.

Dr. Burden has almost three decades of experience extracting wisdom teeth as well as those needing extraction due to decay, damage or infection. He uses state-of-the-art equipment to make certain when each patient’s wisdom teeth are removed, healing occurs quickly and there’s minimal post-extraction tenderness.

Socket preservation for implants

Socket preservation is important following an extraction, especially when the extraction is only part of a patient’s restoration plan. For example, where the patient is planning to have an implant placed in the area of the extracted tooth, Dr. Burden would insert the implant at that time in the empty socket following extraction to begin the healing process, maintain bone structure and maximize healing.

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-Cheryl W.
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